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Expanded metal is truly a versatile product. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheet can be expanded into a wide range of mesh styles. There are standard expanded metal styles and numerous variations in strand width and opening sizes can be produced to create whatever architectural or industrial pattern is required. Expanded metal is also produced in a flattened form which is created by rolling standard or raised expanded metal.
Expanded metal mesh has a diverse range of properties, which makes it so versatile and appealing for many uses and applications throughout a variety of industries. Expanded Metal Mesh is traditionally seen as a metal material with diamond shaped holes. Expanded Metal is produced by an expanded metal machine, which uses a pressured slitting and stretching process to transform solid metal sheets and coils into expanded mesh. Most types of metal, including precious and specially produced metals, can be expanded.
Expanded Metal Mesh Production Process
1. Sheets or coils or metal are fed into the expanded metal machine. A little metal can create a lot of mesh, adding value and saving resources and money.
2. Each machine is fitted with a unique "Knife", dedicated to a particular pattern. New patterns and knives can be created in-house for specific applications.
3. The machines are then programmed or manually controlled to ensure the metal is expanded to the exact specification. Rigorous quality checks are carried out to ensure product consistency throughout the expanding process.
4. Using the unique shearing and stretching process means very little waste is created. the metal is sheared and then stretched in a single process creating the apertures and therefore expanding the metal. The mesh is then either cut into sheets or wound onto coils ready for shipping or further processing.

Our manufacturing expanded metal mesh is used in below industry:
Building Construction
Machine Guard Manufacturers
Auto mobile Industry
Air Condition Industry
Agricultural Machinery
Food Processing Industry
Filter Industries
Wuxi Anber Machine Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and trader specialized in research ,development and production of wire mesh machine. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Expanded metal mesh machine is one of our hot-sale products.
The expanded metal mesh machineis devided into the light type expanded metal mesh machine, middle type expanded metal mesh machine and heavy duty metal mesh machine.
1. Light type expanded metal machine:
new type : high speed expanded metal mesh machine
2. Middle type expanded metal mesh machine:
3. Heavy duty expanded mesh machine:
We also can produce accessory machines for the expanded metal mesh machine, such as decoier, recoiler, two-roller flattening machine, four-roller flattener machine, expanded mesh leveling machine, three-in-one expanded mesh leveling, slitting and cutting mahicne. Besides, if you have some special requirement, we can design the full production line especially for you.


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