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  • Expanded metal ceiling

    Expanded Metal Ceiling is a best choice if you want to make a ceiling, the metal mainly used in ceiling decoration.

  • Filter expanded metal mesh

    Expanded metal filter element is expanded and stretched into various hole patterns, with special technology.

  • Office expanded metal mesh

    Desk organizer can keep your documents and letters clean and tidy. You can classified your documents

  • BBQ expanded metal mesh

    Nowadays, barbecue is more and more popular all over the world. No matter in your home or outdoors, your family and your friends

  • Expanded metal furniture

    Compared with wooden furniture, expanded metal furniture is more durable, it is not easy to be destroyed. After the heavy rain or snow.

  • Heavy type expanded metal

    Expanded metal can be processed in different opening shapes, typically as: standard diamond shape, heavy type tortoise-shaped.

  • Aluminum expanded metal facade
    Aluminum expanded metal facade mesh is formed from a piece of metal and creating different shaped holes in one step, such as diamond,

  • Decorative expanded metal mesh
    Decorative expanded metal mesh mainly made of aluminum and mild steel is broadly used for decoration indoors and outdoors as facades

  • Expanded metal security fence

    Expanded metal security fence with higher strength mainly made of carbon steel, stainless steel is widely used for preventing climbing.

  • Scaffolding expanded metal mesh
    Heavy type hexagonal shaped expanded metal also known as among the tortoise-shaped expanded metal, is a heavy type expanded metal.


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