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Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

Decorative expanded metal mesh mainly made of aluminum and mild steel is broadly used for decoration indoors and outdoors as facades of large buildings, railings, fencing, interior wall, furniture, etc. Decorative expanded metal mesh has lighter weight but high strength, so it is easy to install. With a lot of surface treatments, it has excellent corrosion resistance and therefore it is popular for decoration outdoors. Decorative expanded metal creates different shaped holes by slitting and stretching and has various colors by surface treatments, which makes it has an aesthetic appeal. No matter what colors, hole shapes or sizes, we can produce as what you need. The applications of decorative expanded metal mesh are very extensive.
Features of decorative expanded metal mesh
Attractive appearance
Corrosion resistance
Strong and durable
Lighter weight
Good ventilation
Environmentally friendly
Specification of decorative expanded metal
Materials: aluminum, galvanized steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc.
Hole shapes: diamond, square, hexagonal, tortoise shell
Surface treatment: anodized, galvanized, PVC coated, spray painting, powder coated
Colors: golden, red, blue, green or other RAL colors
Thickness(mm): 0.3 – 10.0
Length(mm): ≤ 4000
Width(mm): ≤ 2000
Package: on steel pallet with waterproof cloth or in wooden box with waterproof paper
Typical aluminum expanded metal facade mesh

  • Expanded metal mesh

  • Raised expanded mesh

  • Decorative expanded metal mesh

  • Decorative expanded metal


Decorative expanded metal mesh with lighter weight and attractive looking is broadly used as:
• Outdoors
Facades of large buildings; railings of stairs; fencing of balcony, walkways, gardens, schools; residential perimeters.
• Indoors
Interior wall, railings of stairs, fencing of walkways, ceilings, partitions, furniture, such as tables, shelves, cabinets, etc.

  • Architectural expanded metal mesh

  • Raised expanded metal stair railings outdoors

  • Decorative expanded metal sheet for interior design

  • Architectural expanded metal

  • Expanded metal mesh for green screen

  • Expanded metal for greening

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