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Expanded Metal Furniture

Compared with wooden furniture, expanded metal furniture is more durable, it is not easy to be destroyed. After the heavy rain or snow, wooden furniture need a long time to dry, but for expanded metal furniture, as soon as a wipe can sit, so even if the expanded metal furniture installed in the outdoor also do not have to worry about. In addition, the surface treatment of galvanized, painting or powder coating help to extend the lifespan of expanded metal furniture. And with the beautiful appearance, it is also very suitable for indoor furniture, such as cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs.
Features of expanded metal furniture
• Stable structure, not easy to deform.
• Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, will not fade, crack or moldy.
• Do not accumulate rain or snow.
• Beautiful appearance with excellent visual effects.
• Durable with easily maintained and long lifespan.
Applications of expanded metal furniture
Expanded metal furniture can be used as many furniture in the room, such as:
• Tables
• Chairs
• Shelves
• Wardrobe
• Lockers
• Bedside cabinets
It also can be used outdoors, such as

• Park
• Courtyard
• School
• Street
• Garden


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