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Office Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Desk organizer
Desk organizer can keep your documents and letters clean and tidy. You can classified your documents in different trays so that you can find them as soon as possible. The desk organizer is a single tray, if you want several of them, you can piled up according to your requirements.
• Material: high quality carbon steel sheet.
• Hole pattern: diamond holes.
• Surface treatment: PVC coated.
• Size: 11.8" × 9.2" × 2.5" for single tray.
• Color: black, silver, pink, yellow, blue and other colors are available.

  • Letter & note collection

  • Expanded metal mesh office organizer

  • Expanded metal mesh desk organizer

  • Expanded metal desk organizer

  • Round pencil cup

  • Expanded metal file desk

  • Expanded metal file holder

  • Expanded metal magazine shelf

2. Expanded metal wastebasket
Wastebasket is the common and necessary thing in our office life. You can throw the waste papers, dirties and other unwanted things into the wastebasket to maintain the table and ground tidy and clean. The body of expanded metal wastebasket is expanded metal mesh and the bottom is carbon steel plate.
Expanded metal wastebasket is made of high quality carbon steel sheet and then PVC coated to improve the corrosion and rust resistance. The small openings can prevent small dirties from leaking. There is no any sharp edges on the body, so it is safe for people to use.
Material: high quality carbon steel expanded metal mesh.
Surface treatment: PVC coated.
Color: black, gray, yellow, blue, pink or others.
Round wastebasket Size:
Small: 23.5 cm (D) × 27 cm (H)
Medium: 26.5 cm (D) × 28.5 cm (H)
Large: 29 cm (D) × 34 cm (H)
Square wastebasket size:
Small: height: 28 cm, top diameter: 23 cm, bottom diameter: 18 cm.
Medium: height: 29.5 cm, top diameter: 26 cm, bottom diameter: 20.5 cm.
Large: height: 30 cm, top diameter: 29.5 cm, bottom diameter: 21.5 cm.

  • Round expanded metal wastebasket

  • Square expanded metal wastebasket

  • Expanded metal wastebasket

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