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Expanded Metal Ceiling

Expanded Metal Ceiling is a best choice if you want to make a ceiling, the metal mainly used in ceiling decoration. And it can provide just the look you need for any modern interior space.
Expanded Metal Ceiling is kind of application for expanded metal mesh. It combine functionality and outstanding appearance. An almost inexhaustible range of mesh designs crated a unique visual every time: diamond -shaped or square mesh, solid or filigree, open or closed.
Expanded metal is very functional when used as a ceilings since they can hide installations, ventilation and sprinkler systems while still assuring safety and air passage.
They also act as a great architectural finish in private and especially public interiors such as airports, shopping malls, stations, restaurants, offices, exhibition grounds, cultural institutions etc.
Specification of expanded metal ceiling
Materials: aluminum or aluminum alloy, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Hole shapes: diamond, square, scale, hexagonal
Surface treatment: polyester powder coated, spray coated, anodized, galvanized, polishing
Colors: white, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, black or as requirements
Thickness: 0.5 mm – 3.0 mm
Length: 1 m – 2.5 m
Width: 0.5 m – 2 m
Open area: 61% – 84%
The common specifications of the square
Grid size
Mesh form
Open area
500 × 1000mm
40 × 16mm
1000 × 1000mm
62 × 21mm
500 × 500mm
16 × 11mm
595 × 595mm
16 × 8mm

Features of expanded metal ceiling
• Decoration. With sleek and modern look.
• Sound insulation and absorption.
• Sturdy and durable. Tiles with good hardness are formed from a single piece of metal.
• Environment friendly--no wasteful of material.
• Screening--practical and effective light filtration.
• Long service life. With corrosion resistance.
• Easy to install and match lamps or other ceiling parts.
• Surface color stable for 10 years indoor use.

Application of expanded metal ceiling
Expanded metal ceiling is broadly used in places with requirements of soundproof or decorating, shopping mall, supermarket, hall, airport, bus station, restaurant, hotels, schools, KTV, factories, studios, galleries, residential buildings and other places with requirements of controlling noise and decorating.

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